Reiki Practice Admin Package for Evernote

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As a Reiki practitioner, you want to use your time to help your clients. Administrative tasks can often distract you from that important service.  To help manage these administrative tasks we’ve created an Admin package that will help you meet your administrative obligations and manage your client data.




This product is a collection of Evernote documents. This blogging package is also available in Microsoft Word and Scrivener formats.


As a Reiki practitioner, you want to use your time to help your clients. Administrative tasks can often distract you from that important service.

In addition to your routine administrative tasks, you may also have legal obligations with regard to managing your client records and privacy.

In addition to managing the daily administrative tasks PLUS your client obligations, you also want to grow your business and create a profitable Reiki practice.

To help manage these administrative tasks we’ve created an Admin package that will help you meet your administrative obligations and manage your client data.

This package provides the foundations of the most common administrative tasks to run your practice. The package includes 4 major sections:

  1. Business Admin – these documents focus on the daily activities of your business including essential business information, establishing your financial and legal policies, and utilizing calendars to help keep you on track on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.
  2. Business Development – these documents will help you establish the foundation of why you started your own practice. You can use these documents to discover your business goals and then create a strategy to help you achieve your goals. A project template is included to help you get started on your next successful project.
  3. Client Admin – these documents will help you manage information and obligations around your clients, including consent, privacy, information requests, and establishing a social media policy in the digital world.
  4. Email & Letter templates – these templates will help you communicate professionally with clients about the most common and difficult requests.

Using the resources in this package will help you reduce wasted hours on administrative tasks. The premade documents will help you record your business information using streamlined methods.

This package will save hours of your precious time trying to create your own administrative systems, processes, policies, and templates to run your Reiki business.

This package will help reduce the effort and headaches involved in establishing the necessary protocols in your Reiki practice.

The package is full of actionable documents to help put the right processes in place to running your Reiki practice professionally.

The package contains quick and practical advice that can easily be implemented to help you spend less time on admin and more time on client work.

After working through this package you will:

  • have an easily accessible list of the essential business information you need for your practice
  • easily implement best practice financial and legal policies with the ability to tweak them for your own requirements
  • track the most important business metrics you need for your therapy practice
  • conduct essential business admin maintenance
  • plan your schedule on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis
  • discover, define, and develop a strategy to achieve your business goals
  • complete your next project using the project template included in the package
  • implement client administrative tasks including client intake and important client policies
  • communicate professionally with your clients and other essential complimentary health services using the included email and letter templates

The contents of this package include the following sections:


  • Business Details
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Financial Policies
    • Fee Schedule
    • Cancellation Policy
    • Refund Policy
  • Legal Policies
    • Copyright
    • Disclaimers
    • Terms of Use
    • Privacy Policy
  • Business Trackers
  • Social Media Tips
  • Business Admin Maintenance
  • Calendars


  • Business Goals
  • Project Template


  • Client Intake Checklist
  • Client Call Log
  • Consent for Services
  • Client Privacy Policy
  • Social Media Policy


  • Inquiry Reply
  • Referral Request
  • Reminder Late Payment


Below is a breakdown of the individual sections within each major category in this package.


Business Details
Use this template to keep a summary of information about your business details. This information is useful to keep on hand when you need to provide specific information about your Reiki business. This will save time by having the information in one central location.

Account Usernames and Passwords
This table records your account login details to the websites that you frequently use. Some sample information has been included.

Contacts List
Record the details for each of your regular contacts, business networks, professional affiliations, and business services.

Financial Policies
Use these guidelines to create your Reiki business financial policies including your fee schedule, and your cancellation and refund policy. Complete policies are included using sample business information.

Legal Policies
These guidelines will help you establish your own policies including copyright, disclaimers, terms of use and privacy policy. Complete policies are included using sample business information.

Business Trackers
Use this business tracker template to record your business statistical information at the end of each month.

Social Media Tips
These social media tips include suggested hashtags for a Reiki business to use in your social media posts. Also included in this section are suggested image sizes for various social media platforms as well as posting frequency guidelines to keep your social media accounts active and interesting.

Business Admin Maintenance Checklist
Use this list as a guideline to conduct useful business admin tasks on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Each calendar is a template that you can copy/paste for digital use or print for multiple use or copy/paste for digital use. Includes formats for daily, weekly, monthly and annual calendars.


Business Goals
This business goal template has been created to help define your annual goals and create a strategy to achieve them.

Project Template
This project template will help you successfully create your next project. Example projects for your Reiki business could be a workshop, ecourse, or ebook.


Client Intake Checklist
This intake form will guide you in a conversation with your potential new client before proceeding with booking the first appointment.

Client Call Log
Use the client call log to record phone calls received to your office. Some sample information is included.

Consent for Services
The Consent for Services template includes details about the services provided to your client as well as details about managing client data and confidentiality. A template is provided with sample information.

Client Privacy Policy
The client privacy policy informs your client about your responsibilities regarding storage of information about your client.

Social Media Policy
You may wish to establish a social media policy as a process of establishing professional boundaries for your client/practitioner relationship. A completed sample policy has been provided.


Inquiry Reply
This email template outlines a typical response to a potential new client who is inquiring about your Reiki service.

Referral Request
This template can be emailed or sent as a letter to 3rd parties, such as other wellness and complementary health professionals.

Reminder Late Payment
This email template can be used as a guideline to contact your client with regard to late payment.

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