Developing a Plan for Growing Your Reiki Practice



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A growing Reiki practice is great, however, it’s also important to have a practice that is ready for growth. If your practice is growing without preparation, then you may find yourself scrambling to keep up with the growth and the associated administration tasks that might come with increased business.

The best way to accommodate growth in your Reiki private practice is to have a plan. With a plan, you can ensure you can respond to the growth in business as well as have more control over your growth.

To illustrate this point with an example – assume you want to hold a Reiki workshop for 20 participants. You create your advertisement and send out your marketing materials. The responses and questions come rolling in but you might not have anticipated the response and you find yourself late at night responding to emails, social media messages, and listening to voicemails.

With a little preparation, you could mitigate some of these tasks through pre-written FAQs, automatic responses, and a landing page for respondents to sign up for a newsletter list that you can use to keep in contact with all your potential participants.

Of course, another point is to consider whether you are ready for conducting a 20 person workshop as described in our example.

Knowing what you want to achieve and the resources you have available to achieve it is integral to developing your plan for growing your Reiki practice. Before you expand your Reiki practice, it is helpful to establish a solid foundation within your business so that it can cope with future growth.


There are many aspects of your business including client work, administrative work, and business development. Your client work will impact all other aspects of your business. As you gain more clients, you also gain more administrative work and business development opportunities.

Below are some common areas that you can identify for growth within your business:

  • Income – money flowing into your practice
  • Profit – the net result of your income minus your expenses. You can increase profit by increasing income or decreasing expenses
  • Product or service offers – diversifying income across client work, workshops, ebooks, physical products, and others
  • Brand awareness – increasing your brand awareness in your local community or online
  • Reiki practice locations – open new locations or expand reach through online services
  • Business practices – improve technology, hire admin staff, streamline procedures

As a business owner, it’s important to identify what areas you want to grow. For most businesses, growing income is the primary goal, however, there can be other aspects of your business that you might want to grow.


Your growth plan should contain the below fundamental items:

  • Identify the growth you want
  • Allocating specific parameters of growth, eg. $10,000 income increase, 2 more staff members, new office in Brisbane
  • Resource requirements to implement the plan, eg. financial, people, etc
  • Timeline to implement specific actions and overall goal – annual goals are the most useful, followed by 5 year goals
  • Review the progress made along with remaining flexible to change plans where necessary

Remember that your success in achieving goals is also affected by your ability to pursue change and learn new things. You can develop a great plan, however, you also need to be aware of your personal limitations in executing your plan. If you feel this area is lacking, then you may want to engage in a business coach or some other resource to help support you in your plans.

It’s also useful to remember that plans are allowed to change. You may begin your plan with the intention to hire more staff, however, you may decide to postpone that strategy until other goals are achieved first.

Flexibility and adaptability are fundamental to success when starting new things. If our thinking remains inflexible, we will find difficult moments more stressful which in turn impacts our desire to pursue change.

Below is an example of an action plan for growing your Reiki practice:


  • Action: Update our website and implement a plan to respond to all queries within 48 hours.
  • Completion date: September 15th
  • Person responsible: Mary


  • Plan A – Create a monthly newsletter to highlight new booking process and promotions
  • Action: Create newsletter template, create promotion calendar, outline content to include in 6 newsletters
  • Completion date: October 31st
  • Person responsible: Sue


  • Plan B – Expand product/service offers
  • Action: Identify a list of potential products/services to offer
  • Completion date: October 12th
  • Action: Choose 1 new product and develop full plan to complete it
  • Completion date: October 20th
  • Person responsible: Sue


  • Action: Review the profit/loss statement to identify possible items to reduce cost
  • Completion date: November 30th
  • Person responsible: Mary

This sample plan contains 3 main goals:

  1. Improve customer service
  2. Generate more income
  3. Reduce Costs

By improving customer service, we can help retain existing customers and improve our practices to ensure new clients are happy with our service.

Generating more income and reducing costs will help to expand the business as well as identify potential areas for cost inefficiencies that we can change.

Your plan can be detailed or simple depending on the resources you have available and the complexity of your goals. The important thing to remember is that plans should always lead to action. If you spend most of your time planning, then you aren’t making any real progress toward achieving your goals. Make a plan but always take action.


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Developing a Plan for Growing Your Reiki Practice


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