Meditation has a symbiotic relationship with Reiki. Both modalities are connected with the flow of energy. The father of Usui Reiki, Dr Mikao Usui, regularly practiced meditation.

Mediation encourages us to develop a quiet space of reflection on thoughts and intuitions as well as listening to the body for physical sensations that may require healing.

Mediation is a relaxing technique that enables us to quieten the mind and develop a clearer understanding of our internal conflicts that require attention.

Developing a practice of meditation can help generate a balance between physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Meditation helps practitioners and clients develop a quiet space so that Reiki energy can easily flow. In this respect, mediation helps deepen the connection between all aspects of the mind and body as external distractions are ignored.

Meditation helps us achieve a sense of being in the present moment. This can often heighten the experience of receiving Reiki and boost positive feelings of relaxation, calm, and acceptance.

Practitioners of Reiki regularly use complementary holistic practices such as meditation to help enhance the Reiki experience for themselves as well as clients. Clients who engage in meditation practices before and after sessions often report an increased sense of well-being from creating a time of focus on themselves.

For beginners, meditation can be a frustrating experience as they are often distracted by many thoughts and begin to feel negative about their ability to relax and quieten the mind. Meditation takes practice. The good news is that you don’t need to sit for hours to feel the benefits of Reiki. A few minutes of a daily practice will help you strengthen your ability to quieten the mind. Many beginner meditation programs suggest starting with focusing on the breath going in and out to help you reduce running thoughts. Each time another thought begins, go back to the breath, over and over.

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