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As a Reiki practitioner, your knowledge and expertise are integral to providing a professional service to your clients. That knowledge and expertise is usually built from educating yourself and using resources and tools to help develop your Reiki skillset over time.

As a business owner, good resources and tools can play an integral part to help you build a suite of tools that you can trust to ensure your business practices are safe, ethical, and financially secure.

Fortunately, for those of us who operate a practice in this modern era with a heavy reliance on technology, we have a broad range of tools and resources available to use in our private practice. The downside is this access to information can sometimes be overwhelming and we run the risk of becoming paralyzed by options and therefore avoid using any of them. If we are to effectively use these tools, then it can benefit us to record them and organize them for easy access.

Some of the most common tools or resources we may use in our Reiki practice include:

Essentially, we can categorize the most common tools and resources under the below areas:

  • Educational
  • Reiki Practice
  • Business
  • Self-care


As your Reiki practice is based on your personal approach, you will have more clarity on what categories are most useful to you in terms of classifying tools and resources.


Throughout your career as a Reiki therapist, you will come across many helpful resources. After some time, your resources will build up and you can lose track of what you have available to use. This becomes counterintuitive to your initial desire to seek resources that will help improve your Reiki practice.

In these circumstances, it can be beneficial to track your resources so they don’t become a graveyard of neglected ideas.

There are many software programs that provide the ability to list and maintain resource lists. One important idea is to use a system that provides cloud-based access. This means you can access your list of resources no matter where you are or what device you are using.

We think Evernote is one of the best options that provides the ability to store and maintain useful resources. Evernote is used as an excellent writing tool, however, it has extra features that enable it to be used in a planning capacity for your Reiki business.

You can send information directly from the internet into your Evernote documents. You can share documents privately and publicly and as it is a web-based program, your data is synced so that you can access your account across multiple devices at any time.

Evernote’s organization system is based on notebooks which are similar to folders. This allows you to organize your notes according to a project and keep sections well defined with individual notes. Evernote also has some other useful planning type features such as reminders and checklists.

Evernote is available as both a free and paid service depending on your level of use.



Evernote offers a lot of different formatting options as part of the program. It is similar to other content software where you can create lists, use bullet points, and add checklists. You can also add html links, audio, images, and attachments.

When creating your template, you can use many different options to help make your list more meaningful to you and how you like to access your data.

The most simplified format is a bullet list, which is the option we have provided in the free resource for this blog post.

Before creating your Evernote template, think about the main categories of information that you like to regularly access. You might like to start by writing down all the resources that you want to record. You can do this in an Excel spreadsheet or in Evernote itself.

As you review your list, make note of how you can categorize the data. For our template, we categorized the list as below:

  • Reiki Education Resources
  • Mental Health Resources
  • Meditation Resources
  • Business Online Resources
  • Business Marketing Resources
  • Business Productivity Resources
  • Business Tools Resources

Once you have created your headings, you can begin to record the information that you want beneath each category. Once you’ve completed your list, you can access it at any time from any device with an internet connection. This means you can update it at any time no matter what device you are using.

Once you’ve created this first list of resources, you can use this list as a template for any future resources.

For example, you may want to use the above categories to record all of your day to day Reiki practice resources.

You may want to create a separate list that records all of the courses that you are undertaking that relate to those categories. You can choose to consolidate or split your lists as much as you want. The effectiveness of Evernote means once you have created your first list, you can use it as a template to create lists in the future.



To access the FREE Evernote Template to record your Tools and Resources: CLICK HERE.

This template is available to use in Evernote only. You do not need a paid plan to use Evernote as basic plans are FREE.


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Keeping Track of The Best Tools and Resources For Your Practice


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