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Chakra translates to ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit. In practice, this ‘wheel’ refers to the 7 main energy centers that exist in our body. These areas are identified as:

When your chakras are in alignment, you may feel at your best. Your emotions, energy, physical and mental wellbeing will feel balanced. Usually, a disruption in your emotional, physical, or psychological wellbeing indicates that one or more of your chakras is out of balance. As the chakras are interconnected, the imbalance of one chakra will affect the balance of another. Rebalancing your chakras will help you gain equilibrium back in your life.

Balancing your chakras is not a cure-all for the problems in your life. If you are experiencing relationship or health issues, then these should be addressed using the appropriate tools and resources in your life, whether that be seeking medical advice or connecting with your social supports.

In addition to this help, the benefit of balancing your chakras provides a boost to your overall efforts to center yourself back to improved wellbeing. When we are suffering from any emotional, physical, or psychological problems, it helps if we can use all our resources to address specific issues.


Chakras and Reiki are both interconnected and integrated systems within our body. When we talk about balancing our chakras, this can be done using a variety of methods including, but not limited to, meditation, yoga, and reiki.

Chakras provide Reiki with a point of connection where energy can be directed. Each of the 7 chakras has an identified physical location that enables the Reiki practitioner to focus attention. This can also provide a useful feedback mechanism where the Reiki practitioner can notice any physical reactions when directing Reiki to the main 7 chakra locations.

Chakras do not have to be imbalanced to benefit from Reiki. Our physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing can always benefit from regular attention. Engaging in Reiki can provide a source of healing and comfort for areas in our life that are suffering, however, Reiki can also aid us when we’re feeling good.


In most cases, working with balancing the chakras will entail clearing a block that exists around the chakra. Reiki is a useful technique to help remove this block as the process does not involve hands on touch. By hovering hands above the physical area where the chakra is found, the energy can activate around the chakra with no impediment from the Reiki practitioner’s hands.

As you work with each chakra using Reiki, position your hands above each chakra for at least 1-2 mins. This will provide enough time for the Reiki practitioner to settle into their position and focus on each chakra. Using the 1-2 min guideline for each chakra means the entire session can take place during a 15-20 min session at a minimum.

Ultimately, it is for the Reiki practitioner to decide when they move on from a chakra or if they repeat the process any number of times.

Time is an important aspect of using Reiki when working with chakras as time allows both Reiki practitioner and the client to relax into the flow of energy as well as allowing themselves to relax and disconnect from the many mental distractions we carry in our minds.

Chakras could become blocked due to short term issues such as a short term illness or disagreement in a relationship, however, they may also be blocked due to long term issues such as chronic pain, or the effects of an abusive childhood over the years.

When long term issues occur, it can take multiple sessions of Reiki to work through the issues. This is where regular practice of Reiki can help. As Reiki is a complementary treatment, it can work well with other long term medical and psychological treatments.

As you are working through the chakras, the most useful Reiki positions are the Sei He Ki (emotional) and Choku Rei (power) symbols. Invoking these symbols over each chakra will help restore energy and correct any imbalance that may exist.

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Guide to the Chakras for Reiki Practitioners


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