Using Reiki for a Client Going Through a Divorce



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As a client goes through the experience of a divorce, they will be confronted with various stages of emotional experience including denial, anger, fear, grief, regret, and guilt. Reiki can help a client process these emotions that occur in the initial stages.

In addition to the emotional experience mentioned above, people who are going through the process of a divorce can often experience a variety of issues including:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Identity crisis
  • Weakened immunity system (due to stress)
  • Poor health and eating habits
  • Decreased self esteem
  • Resentment

Clients can seek psychological help through counseling to help work towards acceptance and resolution in order to move on to a new phase in life.


Reiki can compliment traditional counseling by facilitating an open mind and ability to embrace change through developing an energy shift in your client.

Through Reiki and embracing the energy shifts of change, clients can grow to accept the new stages that their old relationships is progressing through, including separation, acceptance, and transition.

Clients can learn to regain a sense of power and control over their future and create a new perspective on how they can transition to the next stage of their life after divorce.

Reiki can help clients decrease high levels of stress which can encourage them to move beyond blame and anger to acceptance and insight into how to make changes for a new phase in life.

While your client undergoes the divorce process, they will be exposed to new stresses and conflict while decisions are being made to legally dissolve the marriage. Research indicates that disregulation of emotions during this process can ultimately lead to poor decision-making with regard to financial and legal matters.

When your client is feeling low in energy, they can often feel a decrease in their desire to make important decisions and may avoid difficult situations. This ultimately will negatively impact your client and the outcomes of their divorce. Reiki can help your client restore their energy levels so that they can be more proactive in the decisions that need to be made about their divorce.

The 5 principles of Reiki can hold a place of comfort for those who are undergoing a divorce as the principles provide comfort and a principled outlook to take in difficult situations.

The 5 principles are below:

  1. Today I will not worry
  2. Today I will not be angry
  3. Today I will work honestly
  4. Today I will be grateful
  5. Today I will be kind to all living things


Reiki helps us to become calm and reflect on our emotional state. Below is an exercise to help you work through difficult feelings around a divorce.

  • Find a favorite place and create a calm environment.
  • Take 5-10 slow breaths to calm your nervous system and become fully present to participate in the exercise.
  • Use the Reiki symbol of emotions Sei He Ki (picture A below) over the area where you feel tension.
    Reiki symbol of emotions Sei He Ki
  • After your have completed the Sei He Ki symbol, let your body relax and release all tension.
  • Repeat the 5 Reiki principles as a statement of affirmation:
    • Today I will not worry
    • Today I will not be angry
    • Today I will work honestly
    • Today I will be grateful
    • Today I will be kind to all living things

Once you have completed this exercise, remain for a further 5 minutes to allow your body to relax and restore it’s energy. Keep your eyes closed and focus on your breath coming in and going out.

If you start to have any intrusive thoughts regarding your divorce or uneasy emotions coming to the surface repeat the Sei He Ki symbol and repeat the 5 Reiki principles as your affirmation.

When you are ready, return to your daily activities with a renewed sense of gratitude and positivity.


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Using Reiki for a Client Going Through a Divorce


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Using Reiki for a Client Going Through a Divorce


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