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Many believe that fear and love are the related to each other on the emotional spectrum. Fear is experienced as a response to threats to our safety, whereas love is experienced as a response to our belief that we are safe and free from threats.

Using this example, some people believe that we cannot feel both emotions at the same time. This would mean that fear thrives in the absence of love and that love can release feelings of fear.

In most cases in life, we can actually experience both emotions, however, we must choose only one as our intention to make decisions and move forward through difficult experiences. For example, we may be experiencing a divorce.

We may be fearful of the future, the loss of our relationship, and the changes that a divorce will mean for our life. At the same time we may still love our ex-partner in some way even though we’re divorcing.

All of these feelings can have a negative impact on us if we choose to dwell on them. As a result our intention throughout the many feelings we experience can be love – love for ourselves to move forward, love for our ex-partner to also find future happiness as a human being. When love is our goal, we begin to make better choices for ourselves and the impact our behavior has on other people.


Fear and love can be experienced in short lived situations such as fear of a dangerous storm, or the burst of love felt when a baby is born. Soon after these events are over our emotions often return to a base level.

However for some people, fear in particular, can be a pervasive feeling throughout life. This is especially true for people who have experienced traumatic events in their life. The events can often alter their perception of their ongoing safety in life, and therefore create a lens in which the individual views all experiences and situations are something to fear.

In many cases this doesn’t always present as an obvious feeling of fear that the person or their loved ones can clearly identify as fear. In many cases, fear can present as being impatient, refusing to participate in family events, avoiding phone calls, making excessive demands.

Fear shows up in many different ways in human behavior and can be confusing to both the individual and their loved ones when it’s not clearly showing someone is afraid of something, but instead intolerant of something. In those instances, loved ones can become frustrated by the behavior and ongoing conflict in relationships becomes prevalent.

Our emotional reactions to situations are mostly automatic and are based on a life long history of the experiences we have been exposed to. As we grow older and become more introspective of our lives and relationships, we can often find ourselves analyzing our reactions to situations.

Age does not have to be a requisite to behavioral and emotional change. Instead we can learn from the wisdom of everyone who has come before us and learn what impact that behaviors, thoughts, and emotions have in our lives.

From this wisdom we can begin to try new approaches to our ongoing problems. One of the most helpful approaches we can take is to detach from fear. This means we release the hold that fear has over our thoughts and behaviors.

It is not healthy to think we can remove all fear from our lives as fear can often help serve as an important message in our lives to be careful. However, we also know that living in fear is not good for us and it is important that we try and detach from fear in those circumstances.

The below tips can help you begin to detach from fear:

  • Identify that you are experiencing fear
  • Acknowledge that fear is affecting your life and the various ways it impacts your life
  • Understand that fear is not a core trait of your personality that is unchangeable
  • Understand that fear belongs to the event or situation that you find yourself in and it will end
  • Imagine fear as an object and use your imagination to move that object to far away from you
  • Practice daily release of fear to send a consistent message to your brain that fear is released


Our fears are a great inhibitor to us achieving our greatest dreams. They can also impact our relationships and how we approach problems in our life. When we detach from fear and instead connect to love we begin to break down those barriers and conflicts. Instead we become more open minded and flexible in the way we approach difficult situations in our life.

Love can give us a sense of courage and willingness to try and expand our point of view. We become more open to hearing the experience of others which can help us function better in our relationships.

Love can give us strength to persevere and embrace difficult moments as an opportunity to learn. Love can have a radical impact on the way we perceive everything before us.

Using love as a base of connection enables us to accept responsibility and commit to making changes were necessary. Love helps us see the broader view of making better choices and helps reduce our chances of making poorer choices.

Working with an intention of love can instill confidence that we are undertaking a challenge that will help us grow into a more evolved person.

Reiki refers to the universal energy around us. Reiki is also built on a foundation good intention for all living things. Reiki helps stay mindful of the current moments so that we can resist from retreating into old patterns of fear.

Reiki can help break cycles of reactionary thinking and emotional outbursts. When Reiki is used as a daily practice, it can help us develop a resistance to daily stress by helping us focus on the positive aspects of our lives.

Reiki reminds us of the universal power within our world. It reminds us that we are all connected and fear will often tear us apart while love will help us connect with ourselves and each other.


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Detach from Fear, Connect to Love


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Detach from Fear, Connect to Love


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