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Reiki by distance entails invoking a specific Reiki symbol to aid in delivering Reiki via distance so that the sender and receiver don’t have to be in the same room.

The distance symbol resonates with the idea that we are all connected and form part of the universal energy that forms part of our human experience. This is similar to the energy we feel towards loved ones who live at a distance.

Our love and goodwill are not determined by the physical presence of a person in the same room as us. It is created and fostered by our efforts to engage in a more loving experience of human connection.

Distance Reiki can be performed in a variety of ways that suit both the sender and recipient. How Reiki is sent is always personal and should therefore use practices that make all participants feel comfortable and safe with the process of sending and receiving distance Reiki.


Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is the Reiki symbol that is used for distance healing and essentially means ‘no present, past, or future’.

The distance healing aspect can be interpreted to mean both physical distances as well as time distance. Therefore this Reiki symbol is effectively used to heal past hurts and send energy to future events.

Below is a directional graphic of how the Reiki symbol, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen can be invoked. There are many steps involved, so take your time to learn the flow in sections if necessary.

When using this symbol, draw it over each of the chakras with a particular focus on the crown chakra for specific healing of the mind.

When using this symbol to heal over physical distance, set the intention to send energy over distance. Visualize the person that you are sending energy towards for approximately 15-20 mins.

Reiki Symbols

One thing to consider is that when providing Reiki to a client in person, you can obtain immediate feedback from your client as to whether a physical pain is improving during the Reiki session.

Because you don’t have that immediate feedback available in a distance session, it is prudent to send Reiki energy to specific areas for a shorter time and then focus on sending energy to the person as a whole for the rest of the session. This allows Reiki to both target an area as well as direct energy to where it’s best suited.




The below is a general protocol for delivering Reiki by distance:

  • Start with an intention of sending Reiki energy to your client
  • Use a symbol to help focus your intention on your client (see below for tips on developing this focus)
  • Draw the reiki symbol mentally or on your palm for a tangible connection
  • Focus the use of the symbol on the person for approx 20 mins

Below are many ways to focus on the person you are sending Reiki to:

  • Visualize the person based on a photo you may have requested
  • Write the person’s name on a piece of paper and hold the paper in your hands
  • Use a substitute object such as a toy, pillow, crystal, or another object that won’t distract you
  • Visualize yourself moving your hands full of energy around the person
  • Imagine you are holding the person in the palms of your hands
  • Repeat the person’s name at intervals during the Reiki session
  • Use your own body as a surrogate for the intended person and hold positions over your body



Develop systems in your Reiki practice to facilitate an easy process of client management using the below tips:

  • Booking service for distance clients – have a system available that allows your distance clients to easily book a Reiki session with you
  • Client consent form – as part of the booking process, provide your client with a consent form for them to return (see Reiki Practice Admin Package in the store for products containing a consent form)
  • Intake client form – provide your client with an intake form so you can obtain vital information for your client records (see Reiki Practice Admin Package in the store for products containing an intake form)
  • Information for your client about what to expect – send your client a general information email or download to educate them on what to expect from a distance Reiki session. Keep it short and simple and encourage them to contact you with any questions (see below for tips)
  • Follow-up email after the session – after the session, send a follow-up email to connect with your client to ask questions and/or make future appointments. Your client will want to hear from you about the session and anything they should do going forward
  • Software – if you are delivering Reiki via Zoom or other conferencing methods (Skype etc) such as video or phone, test your software in advance to reduce potential connection problems

Have a protocol for your Reiki practice in place so that you can be more effective in your Reiki sessions:

  • Prepare for the session
  • Drink water, relax and set your mood
  • Invoke the distance symbol
  • Send Reiki to provide physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing

 Provide your client with the following guidelines to help facilitate the Reiki session:


  • Send the Client intake and consent forms to your Reiki practitioner
  • Provide your Reiki practitioner with a photo of yourself if required
  • Provide information to the Reiki practitioner about areas you would like them to focus on
  • Create a space for you to relax in during the Reiki session. You can lie down or sit in a comfortable chair. Make sure your environment is comfortable and distraction free for at least 20-30 mins.
  • Undertake some breathing exercises to bring yourself into a relaxed state. You may like to use the 4-7-8 method which entails inhaling for 4 seconds, holding your breath for 7 seconds, and exhaling for 8 seconds. Repeat this cycle 4-6 times and then resume regular breathing.
  • After the session, write down any thoughts, emotions, or physical sensations that you may have experienced during the session or after the session. Communicate these to your Reiki practitioner if you want to.
  • Ask your Reiki practitioner any questions that may arise as a result of your Reiki session.


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Tools for Delivering Reiki by Distance


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