Using Reiki to Become more Mindful



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3. Using Reiki to be more Mindful
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Mindfulness is essentially being aware of the present moment. As you focus and observe the present moment, you are distracted from judgment, resentment, and regret from the past. You are also distracted from worrying about the future.

As you focus on the present and remove the distractions of past and future, you can become more engaged with the quietness of the moment you are sitting in. This helps you relax and develop a sense of peace from being still in your thoughts and physical movement.

Some important principles within mindfulness are:

  • Be in the present moment
  • Be compassionate
  • Observe, don’t judge
  • Regulate breathing

Mindfulness practices can be varied, however, one common method is to identify pervasive thoughts we have and uncomfortable physical feelings we may be experiencing.


Reiki holds five important principles that help us live a more balanced and purposeful life. These principles include:

  1. Today I will not worry
  2. Today I will not be angry
  3. Today I will work honestly
  4. Today I will be grateful
  5. Today I will be kind to all living things

These principles provide a framework for us to live by that will help us develop a more meaningful connection to our loved ones and the environment that we live in.

One of the most important words in each statement is TODAY. This reflects the purpose of Reiki to remain connected to the present moment which is also a mindfulness principle.


As mindfulness focuses on being present, we can use Reiki to work towards that goal. Reiki helps us engage in the present moment and focus on developing and maintaining a positive flow of peaceful energy throughout our body.

Reiki helps us set intentions of personal healing as well as compassion for ourselves and others. A Reiki goal is to use the flow of universal energy to attain both of these goals of healing and compassion.

Reiki also exists on its own without our own intervention. This can be helpful when we are feeling at our most emotionally vulnerable or physically tired. Our own efforts are not essential to the benefits of Reiki, however, as we engage with the flow of Reiki energy, we can help boost it’s effectiveness.

Developing a daily Reiki practice can help provide a gateway into becoming more mindful. Below are some tips to setting up your daily Reiki practice to help become more mindful each day:

1. Ensure you are hydrated before your session
2. Create a welcome space to practice Reiki and become more mindful free of distractions
3. Set a regular time each day to practice.
4. Practice 4-7-8 breathing. Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, and exhale over 8 seconds
5. Scan your body of any tension you may be holding. Squeeze and release any tense muscles.
6. Follow the hand positions in the attached Reiki self-care exercise

Mindfulness practices can help serve as a good precursor to a Reiki session. Mindfulness can help identify pervasive thoughts and uncomfortable physical sensations. This information can then be used as part of a focused Reiki session on those difficult thoughts or physical feelings. Mindfulness can help identify these parts of our lives that we can then apply Reiki to for personal healing and transformation.


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Using Reiki to Become more Mindful


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