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Holidays and significant events during the year can often be a time when our spirit is re-energized by connecting with family and friends. We take time out from our daily routine and spend time focusing on building relationships and future memories.

We get a chance to reflect on our past challenges and successes and make plans to make changes in areas of our life that we feel we want to improve. The holiday season can bring a sense of celebration, renewal, and deepening of our spiritual self.

Along with the joys of holidays, there also exists a level of stress. These stressful experiences might include:

  • Stress from seeing loved ones
  • Missing loved ones who have passed
  • Choosing between visiting with different families
  • Dealing with judgment and criticism from family members
  • Meeting expectations from other family members
  • Interacting with people who are opposite to your held beliefs and energy
  • Expending physical energy with limited rest, and indulging in excess food and alcohol

Successfully navigating the holiday season requires understanding that it is a time that requires balance. It is a time to keep realistic expectations about ourselves and other people, and that we must use all of our resources, including Reiki practice, to maintain a deeper connection to ourselves.


The core tenet of Reiki is focused on energy. We all hold physical energy that propels us to live. When that energy is higher, we feel motivated to participate in activities or exercise. When that energy is low we may feel unable to exert ourselves and may also suffer illnesses.

That same energy extends to our emotional and spiritual being as well. We can feel high emotional energy that helps us connect with others. We may also feel a high level of spiritual energy that drives us to help others and foster a strong sense of community around us.

When those areas experience low energy, then our emotions and spiritual connections may feel disjointed and disconnected from ourselves and others around us.

Even when we do have high levels of energy, as we expend our energy outward we feel the benefits of that use of energy, however, we also feel the effects of that energy depleting. This is where we must be aware of our current energy levels and engage in practices that help us to renew our energy.

These practices could include sleep, time spent alone, walking, or experiencing nature. Many activities that fall under the domain of self-care will help us to renew our energy.


Using self-care practices is essential to surviving the holidays. Outside of the usual personality dynamics with loved ones, there is also a significant drain on our physical energy through increased activity in attending events, shopping, eating, and late nights.

Some useful self-care tips include:

  • Be rested – get plenty of sleep
  • Pace yourself with energy
  • Balance your indulgence in food and alcohol
  • Set boundaries with family and friends
  • Be aware of what triggers your stress response

Reiki holds five important principles that help us live a more balanced and purposeful life. These principles include:

  • Today I will not worry
  • Today I will not be angry
  • Today I will work honestly
  • Today I will be grateful
  • Today I will be kind to all living things

These principles provide a framework for us to live by that will help us develop a more meaningful connection to our loved ones and our environment which is especially useful during the holidays.

One of the most important words in each statement is TODAY. This reflects the purpose of Reiki to remain connected to the present moment which is also a mindfulness principle. It is also a reminder to pay attention to these exercises daily so we protect and maintain our energy.


Before each day start with setting an intention to begin the day positively and maintain your energy throughout the day.

1. Ensure you are hydrated before your session
2. Create a welcome space to practice Reiki and become more mindful free of distractions
3. Set a regular time each day to practice.
4. Practice 4-7-8 breathing. Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, and exhale over 8 seconds
5. Scan your body of any tension you may be holding. Squeeze and release any tense muscles.
6. Follow the hand positions in the attached Reiki self-care exercise


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Reiki Self-care Exercise


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Use Reiki to Survive the Holidays


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