Using Reiki for a Client Who Is Grieving



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3. How Reiki can help with grief
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Grief can hold many emotions including shock and disbelief. Some people may also repress emotions if they are experiencing feelings of guilt over things that were left unsaid.

When a loved one dies we may feel a sense of loss of control as our loved one has been taken from us including the expectations we held about having that person in our life. This feeling can be very destabilizing.

Grief can feel constantly present and this can sometimes feel exhausting to talk about. The relentless presence of grief can block our ability to process other important emotions that will help us heal.

Grief can be a complicated process the loss of a loved one is also impacted by emotions of guilt, shame, regret, and anger if the relationship was strained before death.


Grief is commonly associated with the loss of a loved one, however, grief can also be experienced in other losses such as divorce, job redundancy, losing a home, natural disaster, and any other life experience that entails losing something physical or emotional that impacts us.

Grief can also entail traumatic circumstances that will impact the grieving process. This is especially relevant for children who lose a parent as they are emotionally underdeveloped to cope with loss and attachment. This is compounded when the child is dependent on the parent for daily care.

Grief can also occur in circumstances of illness, fractured relationships, loss of friendship, loss of livelihood, inability to engage in usual hobbies or activities, and betrayal by a friend.

Grief affects us physically in the following ways:

  • loss of sleep
  • insomnia
  • loss of appetite
  • headaches
  • stress-related conditions

Grief can also affect our ability to cognitively process important decisions.

Grief impacts the energy we need to sustain ourselves. If we are unable to take care of our physical and emotional needs, this can impact our recovery process. In these times, it is important to seek support from loved ones and professionals.


Reiki can help in many ways to cope with grief, including:

  • unlock repressed emotions
  • provide an avenue for emotions to be expressed through gentle rituals and clearing of held emotions.
  • restore a sense of balance
  • provide a feeling of calm when all things seem chaotic and unexpected.

Reiki’s primary goal of the energy of life flowing through us can help the grieving process also flow. This flow can help our emotions to be acknowledged and released instead of suppressed.

Reiki can help our clients feel relaxed and nurtured within a Reiki session. As our clients lay in session in the quietness of the Reiki space, they can take refuge that we, as a Reiki therapist, have created a calm and peaceful environment for our clients to feel safe in.

For a moment in time, we can provide our clients with a sense of love and safety for them to process their grief. Reiki sessions can also help our clients seek a reprieve from the strong emotions associated with grief. As Reiki practitioners, our goal is always to support our clients in their endeavor to heal.

Reiki provides a compassionate and non-judgmental space to acknowledge the most difficult emotions that we have. Reiki can help provide clarity of mind and heart so that we can understand the dynamics of the relationship that we have lost in grief.

We can impart to our clients the knowledge and understanding that whenever they find themselves overwhelmed with grief, to hold their hands over their heart and imagine they are surrounded by positive light and energy.

As a Reiki practitioner the following Reiki positions can be used to help process grief:

These hand positions can form a part of your overall Reiki session with your client.


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Using Reiki for a Client Who Is Grieving


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Using Reiki for a Client Who Is Grieving


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