When You Have No Clients Booked For Your Reiki Practice



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As a new business, your primary goal is to find a consistent client workload that will help provide a consistent level of income. Even though every business may have seasonal income, it is a good feeling when your income levels are predictable.

When you are starting your Reiki practice, finding a consistent level of client work can take a long time. While you work on building your client workload, the stress from a lack of clients can start to affect your self-confidence. When this happens, it can become easy to assume that clients are not coming because of something related to you.

However, in business, many things are not personal, but instead a reflection of the normal pathway of developing a business.

Some of the most common reasons why you may struggle to develop a consistent client workload include:

  • Your business is brand new and needs to be promoted
  • Your business is not visible and you need to develop an online and offline presence
  • Your client may not understand how to contact you
  • Clients may feel a barrier exists that prevents them from booking an appointment
  • Your pricing and availability may not suit the potential client base in your area
  • Potential clients may not understand how your skillset can help them
  • Your practice may be impacted seasonally by holidays or specific times of the year

If you have no clients booked, this is a great opportunity to spend some time on creating a business strategy that will help you define your product and service offers as well as develop marketing ideas to promote those offers.

Developing a strategy at the start will also put you in a good position to cope with slow periods in client work in the future.

In addition to developing income ideas, you should also have a plan in place to review and reduce expenses. Read more in our previous blog post 5 Easy Strategies to Increase Profit For Your Reiki Practice


Developing a client list can take some time as well as a clearly defined strategy on how to find clients.

Below are some useful tips to incorporate into your strategy to find new clients for your Reiki practice.


  • Understand how you found your existing clients. Was it through referrals, advertising, or online?
  • Is your booking process as simple as possible for new clients?
  • Can your client contact you in a variety of ways including website, phone, email, social media?
  • Is your availability suitable for your clients – weekends, after hours, online sessions


  • Add a blog to your website within written content about Reiki and the services that you offer. Written content can boost your website visibility in Google. You can use our Blogging Package in the store to guide you through the process of having a blog on your website: BLOGGING PACKAGE 
  • Create an email list to stay in touch with your potential clients about your services and how you can help them.


  • Contact other wellness professionals for referrals
  • Be present in the Reiki community by providing useful information with your expertise
  • Engage in community events
  • Market your Reiki practice in the media eg. TV, newspapers, radio, podcasts
  • Contact businesses to offer information sessions for employees eg. Mindfulness, meditation, self-care, stress management
  • Network with colleagues about contract work
  • Contact other ancillary services that connect with personal services such as hairdressers, massage etc


  • Advertise offline and online
  • Develop a social media presence

Every Reiki practitioner should develop a strategy that suits your time and financial constraints. You should aim to do something every day that works toward making your Reiki practice visible to new potential clients.


As a Reiki practitioner, your income can come from many sources that are not directly related to client sessions.

In our blog post 10 Ways to Increase Your Reiki Income you can read about developing a source of income outside of your client sessions.

Some of the most common ways to increase your income include:

  1. Teacher -teaching other Reiki practitioners
  2. Consulting – providing consulting services to community groups on complementary health and general wellness topics.
  3. Training – providing training to community groups and organizations about Reiki or relaxation techniques.
  4. Ecourses – developing ecourses for other Reiki practitioners or clients based on complementary health courses.
  5. Ebooks – writing ebooks for other Reiki practitioners or clients based on complementary health courses.
  6. Writing for online publications – writing for other publications about Reiki and general wellness topics.
  7. Public speaking – speaking at conferences, community events, government departments, and corporate events.
  8. Contract work for other practices – work as a Reiki practitioner in another practice part time or to cover the absence of a therapist due to maternity leave, carers leave, or sickness etc.
  9. Reiki products – sell products that suit the Reiki field or general wellness industry. You can resell or create your products to sell.
  10. Audio files – audio files can be useful for clients who like to have access to tools at any time. Examples of audio files that can be sold include meditations and relaxation focused topics.

Some of these ideas involve deriving income from activities that require you to actively spend time to earn income. These include consulting, training, public speaking, and contract work. Other income activities are considered passive income where you create a product once and then generate income continuously from that one-time creation. This includes items such as ebooks, ecourses, and audio files.

Creating these products takes your initial time, however, every sale of these products afterward can earn income without your direct involvement. These types of products can boost your income outside of client work.



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When You Have No Clients Booked For Your Reiki Practice


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