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Throughout life we all face the prospect of making choices in situations. Sometimes these choices are easy to make with minimal impact, however, some choices can be difficult to make with a significant amount of impact on our lives or others around us.

This may include decisions such as purchasing an expensive item such as a car or house. It could be making decisions about a path of study or the direction to take your career. Difficult choices may also have to be made with regard to relationships and areas of conflict. We may be deciding whether to end a relationships or limit contact with a family member. We may have conflict with a neighbor or work colleague.

How we view choices is often a reflection on how we react to difficulty in general. Making decisions can often create reactions in us that reflect anxiety and uncertainty. This reactions can sometimes be automatic or may develop over time as we contemplate the options available to us.

Our reaction is a reflection of our past experiences and how we have experienced difficult previously. This is also often a reflection of how we have been taught to cope with difficulties. The way in which we learn about coping with difficulties is primarily taught to us either directly through instruction from parents or authority figures, or indirectly as we watch others navigate difficult choices.


When a difficult choice needs to be made, you can use Reiki to help guide your decision. Reiki can help alleviate feelings of overwhelm and calm fears that may arise from the unknown outcomes that may eventuate from your decision. Reiki can help lift your energy and provide you with a sense of calm and peace around your decision.

Below is a series of steps we can take to use Reiki for decision making:
1. Centre yourself in a quiet and comfortable position. Breathe in and out to calm your breathing.
2. Identify any tension you may be holding in your body and release with each breathe
3. Progress through the Reiki hand positions
4. Spend a minute of time focusing on clarity of mind
5. Sit and allow your body to continue to relax.

Alternatively you may want to use a similar process to the above and instead focus on the 5 Reiki principles:
1. Centre yourself in a quiet and comfortable position. Breathe in and out to calm your breathing.
2. Identify any tension you may be holding in your body and release with each breathe
3. Repeat the 5 Reiki principles as a statement of affirmation:

  • Today I will not worry
  • Today I will not be angry
  • Today I will work honestly
  • Today I will be grateful
  • Today I will be kind to all living things

While you are going through the process of making your choices, you can use either or both of the above Reiki methods to help guide you through your decision making process. This may take more than a few sessions as you carefully consider the options that you have available to you.

Reiki can also help you gain clarity on acceptance of your situation and the patience you will need to move forward through the decision making process.


Making important and difficult choices can take an enormous amount of personal resources. We are often affected both mentally and physically as we react, reflect, and respond to the experiences that we are presented with. Significant stress can take a toll on both our mental wellbeing as well as our physical wellbeing given tension is so readily held within the body through tension headaches, neck tension, back aches, and stomach upsets.

Reiki can help us bring a synergy and energy back to balance our mental and physical wellbeing so that we can think with more clarify outside of our immediate reactions.

Once we have processed the information available to us and reflected on our options, we can use Reiki to help centre ourselves and seek clarity for our decision. Once we have made our decision, we can then proceed forward and accept we have transitioned through this difficult process with a clear and balanced approach using Reiki as our anchor.

As you go through this difficult time of decision making, remember to pay attention to the other important factors in your life which will augment your Reiki work. This includes proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and stress relieving exercise. You may also want to engage in helpful self-care activities that you can undertake by yourself or with other supportive friends and family.


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Using Reiki to Make Difficult Choices


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