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Creativity is typically referred to as using imagination to forge new ideas to create something. The outcome may be something tangible like an artwork, garden landscape, elaborate meal, or song. It may also refer to intangible outcomes like finding solutions to difficult problems or creating a unique educational program to inform others about Reiki.

Creativity is boundless and transformative which are important characteristics when we are working with Reiki clients. Our creativity can help clients work through difficult emotions or physical experiences using the healing energy of Reiki.

Regardless of the physical manifestation of your creativity, creativity is an important personal quality that enhances our lives. Creativity fosters positivity and allows us to see the many possibilities and optimism when a situation or experience is making us feel restricted and oppressed.

Creativity allows us to release expectations and a perfectionist mindset as we allow ourselves to be open to a broader range of ideas.


Creativity can often flow freely and often when we are experiencing a good mood or high level of energy to create something new. Creativity can also be cultivated in order to help us explore new methods of creativity that is outside of our normal methods of creativity.

To cultivate creativity we want to:

  • Understand our passions
  • Develop new skills
  • Identify avenues for new creative growth
  • Identify obstacles to creativity

Once we understand our current passions and identify the ways to develop new skills we can begin to implement new pathways to explore our creativity.

There is also a number of practical steps we can take to cultivate creativity. These include:

  • Commit to being creative
  • Establish a physical space to welcome creativity
  • Establish a daily Reiki practice to invite creativity
  • Establish a daily meditation to encourage creativity
  • Identify your specific creative outlet to explore new ideas, eg. Art, writing, talking, physical expression etc


As discussed previously one of the important steps you can take to cultivate creativity includes identifying any obstacles to creativity.

Some common obstacles to creativity include:

  • Stress
  • Physical tiredness
  • Mental tiredness
  • Self-doubt

Reiki can help diffuse these obstacles through its healing energy. Once you have overcome these obstacles you will be in an improved position to undertake a creative endeavor.

Reiki can also help you work through any creative blocks that you may be experiencing while you are working on creative tasks.

If you find yourself in the middle of a creative task and you are experiencing frustration with not breaking through a creative barrier, you can take some time out to undertake a Reiki session with yourself or a Reiki practitioner. This Reiki session can help release the creative block and help reduce the mental frustrations you may be experiencing.

Through Reiki your mind and body can be rebalanced. Reiki can help bring calm to a busy mind that is finding it difficult to focus on a creative task. Once Reiki clears any blocks and centers the mind, you can return to the directing your energy to more creative work instead of being distracted with frustrating mental obstacles.


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Encourage Your Creative Flow with Reiki


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