Creating a Reiki Practice



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A Reiki practice is a continuous process of improving your Reiki skills with the intention of increasing the effectiveness of Reiki in your life and for your clients.

Your Reiki practice will help you establish a regular protocol to help develop your knowledge and Reiki skills for yourself and your clients.

Developing a Reiki practice helps you set your intentions when conducting Reiki. Your Reiki practice protocol also helps you to gather the resources you need and implement the necessary steps to help achieve your initial intentions.

One of the most important components of a Reiki practice is to engage in Reiki on a regular basis. This helps you establish helpful habits around incorporating Reiki into your everyday life. A regular practice with Reiki can help you better understand your skills and knowledge of Reiki so that you can further develop your skills to help clients.


A part of your Reiki practice may focus on working with a set of intentions for each practice. This could involve the intention of developing your knowledge and skillset around Reiki or it could involve working on a specific goal or problem that you or your clients may be experiencing.

Your intentions may be different for each Reiki session that you undertake. You may also want to focus on the same intentions for a specific time period, for example, while undergoing treatment for an illness. Once the treatment has completed, your intention may move on to other healing aspects.

Your intentions are personal to you or to your client that you work with.

As part of setting your intentions in your Reiki practice, you may want to use a written journal to record your intentions. This will help track the progress of any goals that you set and identify any patterns within your Reiki practice. Keeping a written journal can also assist you in identifying common issues that might arise during your Reiki practice over specific periods of time.


There are many ways that you can develop a Reiki practice that is personally meaningful to you. Initially, your practice should be simplified and easy to accomplish in order to reduce any resistance you may experience when developing a new habit.

An example method of developing a Reiki practice may include the below:

1. Commit to 10 minutes a day
2. Pick a time of the day and an anchor to remind you to practice. Eg after wake up, after brushing your teeth, before bed etc
3. Create a quiet and comfortable space to undertake your Reiki practice
4. Develop your own Reiki practice which may include activating Reiki symbols, clearing Chakras, or mindfulness activities

As you become more familiar with your practice, you may want to expand on your routine to lengthen the time you spend in practice. You could increase the time, the activities, or engage in Reiki practice with other Reiki practitioners.


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Creating a Reiki Practice


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